At Servant Solutions our mission is “Serving Those Who Serve." Since 1949 we have been helping pastors, churches, universities, and other ministry organizations successfully navigate the complexities of a ministry retirement plan. The Servant Solutions Retirement Plan is a 403(b)(9) church plan. Why is our 403(b)(9) church retirement plan unique? Because our plan allows ministers, pastors, and church staff to take advantage of tax saving strategies not available through other retirement plans. Do you have any ministers on staff at your church or organization? You should keep reading!

Servant Solutions is a nonprofit endorsed agency of the Church of God (Anderson, IN). Are you clergy, a missionary, a self-employed minister, or a lay worker (teacher, administrative assistant, etc.) who is receiving compensation? Is your employer a Church of God congregation, agency, organization, or institution? Then you are eligible to participate in the Servant Solutions Retirement Plan.

If your employer is not affiliated with the Church of God, you might still be eligible to participate. How? If your employer shares common religious bonds and convictions with the Church of God and is not affiliated with another denomination, contact us! We would love to serve you, too.

Advantages of the Servant Solutions Retirement Plan

The Servant Solutions Retirement Plan, an Internal Revenue Code Section 403(b)(9) plan, provides ministers and employees who serve Plan-approved churches and organizations a way to invest tax-sheltered money for their future retirement years. While similar to other 403(b) and 401(k) plans, this 403(b)(9) plan is not subject to certain statutory requirements, such as the annual IRS Form 5500 reporting.

In this plan, eligible participants enjoy a wide range of plan features and investment options. Additionally, the retirement plan offers the designation of some or all of a retired minister’s retirement benefit as a housing allowance, providing a significant tax advantage over traditional retirement plans.

Who Can Participate?

Ministers, church workers, and Christian organizational employees affiliated with a Plan-approved church or organization.

Types of Plan Contributions

  • Participants can elect to have their employer withhold money from their paycheck that can be contributed as a tax-sheltered or after-tax contribution.

  • Employers can make a tax-sheltered contribution on behalf of their employees.


  • To be eligible for participant or employer contributions to the plan, persons must receive W-2 taxable income from a Plan-approved church or organization. Participants can be part-time, full-time or bi-vocational.


  • Wide-range of investment choices

  • Low fees

  • Retired ministers may have retirement benefits designated as a tax-free housing allowance, within legal limits.

  • Employer contributions are not subject to Social Security tax and income tax at the time of contribution.

  • Tax-sheltered participant contributions by ministers are not subject to Social Security tax.

  • Rollovers from other eligible retirement plans or Traditional IRAs are possible without tax consequence.

  • Contributions, earnings on all contributions and rollovers are tax-deferred.

  • Flexible distribution options

  • Required distributions at age 70 ½ can be delayed if you are still working.

How to enroll

  • Call (800) 844-8983 to request an enrollment application, or;

  • Download and complete a Membership Application Form, and mail, or;

  • It might be possible for you to begin the enrollment process now online: Enroll Now


  • Email us your questions.

  • Call (800) 844-8983 Monday - Friday, 8AM to 12PM and 1PM to 4:30PM EST