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Whether you’re a pastor, a financial officer, or you’ve retired from ministry we can help you better understand your financial situation and the current state of your retirement planning.

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Accountability, Transparency & Integrity

Best Financial Practices for Your Congregation

Recent developments in Washington, featuring Dan Busby & John Van Drunen

Church Administration & Risk Points

Gifts, Contributions, & Reimbursements

Clergy Compensation, Housing, Volunteers, & Political Activity

Ronald Blue & Company Principled Reasoning

We are excited to have a biblically-based partner in Ron Blue & Co., and specifically John Miley, to advise our organization in navigating the “shark infested waters” of the investment universe.  The strategy of Principled Reasoning gives us confidence in a strategy that makes sense, is biblical, and helps us all focus on the long-term fundamentals that eventually recalibrate the markets.