Estate Planning Documents


Having a trusted family attorney who works with you to complete key documents is often the best situation, but that is not always possible. In those cases, Servant Solutions is able to help through a free service provided by our recordkeeping partner, Principal Financial Group. Principal has teamed with ARAG* and now provides a package of estate planning documents available to you at no additional cost.

With access to ARAG’s free online resources, you and/or your spouse can prepare these legal documents:

  • Will

  • Healthcare Power of Attorney

  • HIPAA Authorization

  • Durable Power of Attorney

  • Living Will

  • Medical Treatment Authorization for Minors

Start today by visiting this page on Principal’s website and selecting “Plan for Tomorrow”. You’ll see a window entitled “Prepare your own legal documents.” You can either watch a webinar or choose to set up an account with ARAG. After you create an account with ARAG** and log in, the Online Documents tab allows you to:

  • Create planning documents via easy-to-use interactive software

  • View, print and edit personal documents you create

*ARAG stands for Allgemeine Rechtsschutzversicherungs Aktiengesellschaft and was founded more than 80 years ago with a mission to provide affordable legal representation to all.

**Please note as you create an account with ARAG, that your employer in this situation should be “Servant Solutions”.