We are honored that you are joining the Servant Solutions family. In order to proceed with enrollment, you will need to complete the following checklist (additional details are found here if you need clarification or further explanation).


___1.    Complete the Statement of Qualification. This form is to be completed by an officer of your organization and returned to Servant Solutions. Be sure to attach the requested supporting documents: 501(c)(3) verification and a statement of beliefs.

 ___2.    Download a copy of the legal Plan Document from the Servant Solutions website. Complete the Employer Eligibility & Participation Schedule to detail how the retirement plan will be administered at your organization. It must be approved by your organization’s board and signed by an authorized officer of the organization. These documents are retained for your records; Servant Solutions does NOT need a copy of the Plan Document or the schedule.

___3.    Any participating employees must complete a Membership Application and Designation of Beneficiary. Employees must sign both sides of both forms. The forms can be sent in with the first contribution, if not already submitted.

 ___4.    Any participating employees contributing through a reduction in their gross salary should complete a Salary Reduction Agreement. This form is maintained by your organization; Servant Solutions does NOT need a copy of the agreement.

 ___5.    When submitting the first contribution, include either a Remittance Form for each employee OR the Schedule Template if you are submitting for multiple employees. Please read the definition for each Contribution Type if you need assistance while completing the Remittance Form or Schedule Template.

When submitting the first contribution, include the following items:

  • Originally-signed Statement of Qualification and supporting documentation 

  • All completed Membership Applications and Beneficiary Forms

  • Completed Remittance Form OR the Schedule Template for all participating employees

  •  A signed check payable to Servant Solutions for the grand total of all contributions

Mail to: Servant Solutions • PO Box 2559 • Anderson, IN 46018

After the first contribution is complete, consider using the Online Remittance feature for future submissions. Click the link in the top right corner of the Servant Solutions website titled Remit Online. Contact our operations team at 800-844-8983 or info@servantsolutions.org with questions.

____6. Create a Servant Solutions Retirement Plan file at your office. Included should be the following:

  • A copy of the Statement of Qualification

  • A copy of the current Plan Document

  • The originally executed Eligibility & Participation Schedule

  • All executed Salary Reduction Agreements for participating employees