Retirement Planning for Nonprofit Ministries

Why should you save your retirement dollars with Servant Solutions?

  • Ministers receiving retirement income from the Servant Solutions Retirement Plan are not taxed on the portion designated to be their housing allowance. That is a huge benefit! Ministers can contribute to the Plan with pretax dollars, and then they can receive distributions in retirement without paying tax, too. The dollars go in and come out tax free!

  • We provide exceptional value to our members at a very low cost. For more information on our low fees, check out our investment costs.

  • Our investment lineup is diversified. It offers investment solutions for both novice and sophisticated investors.

  • Finally, we support our members by answering their questions quickly and personally. In addition, we provide free financial planning guidance to all our members.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

What Type of Plan Is It?

A 403(b)(9) Church Plan is a defined contribution plan specifically designed for the unique needs of churches, Christian colleges and universities and ministry organizations.

Who can participate?

Employees from all ministry organizations listed above are eligible to participate, unless the employer specifically excludes them.

What type of investments?

  1. Lifefunds – Age based mutual funds designed with appropriate level of risk

  2. Mutual Funds – For those who watch the market closely, you may pick and choose individual mutual funds

  3. Fixed Income Option – Out of market option with a stated rate of return.

Types of Contributions?

  • Participants can elect to have their employer withhold money from their paycheck that can be contributed as a tax-sheltered or after-tax contribution.

  • Employers can make a tax-sheltered contribution on behalf of their employees.


  • Organization can begin offering our plan to Staff at no charge

  • No minimum contribution required for employees to open account

  • No minimum contribution amount required monthly

  • Lessens total annual taxable income

  • Unique non-profit status allows us to keep fees exceptionally low

  • Ordained ministers have special tax advantage (Housing Allowance)

  • No time consuming 5500 form filings required for employers

  • Excellent service – including FREE financial education and opportunities for consultation with a Financial Planning professional

  • Ministry/Kingdom focused

  • Rollovers from other eligible plans are possible with no tax implications

Call (800) 844-8983 or email us to find out why we are a great fit for your non-profit organization!

Serving those who serve has been the heart of Servant Solutions since our inception in 1949 — which is why we would be honored to serve you. As experts in retirement plans for nonprofit organizations, we have walked alongside many ministries by partnering with their employees on the journey to and through retirement. 

We understand the unique needs you face and can create a competitive, personalized plan to help your employees move toward retirement with confidence. In fact, we designed our in-depth educational program, plan management tools and client service team with you in mind. 

Servant Solutions is a nonprofit endorsed agency of the Church of God (Anderson, IN). Are you clergy, a missionary, a self-employed minister, or a lay worker (teacher, administrative assistant, etc.) who is receiving compensation? Is your employer a Church of God congregation, agency, organization, or institution? Then you are eligible to participate in the Servant Solutions Retirement Plan.

If your employer is not affiliated with the Church of God, you might still be eligible to participate. How? If your employer shares common religious bonds and convictions with the Church of God and is not affiliated with another denomination, contact us! We would love to serve you, too.

How to enroll

  • Call (800) 844-8983 to request an enrollment application, or;

  • Download and complete a Membership Application Form, and mail, or;

  • It might be possible for you to begin the enrollment process now online: Enroll Now


  • Email us your questions.

  • Call (800) 844-8983 Monday - Friday, 8AM to 12PM and 1PM to 4:30PM EST