Church Retirement Planning

At Servant Solutions our mission is “Serving Those Who Serve." Since 1949 we have been helping pastors, churches, universities, and other ministry organizations successfully navigate the complexities of a ministry retirement plan. The Servant Solutions Retirement Plan is a 403(b)(9) church plan. Why is our 403(b)(9) church retirement plan unique? Because our plan allows ministers, pastors, and church staff to take advantage of tax saving strategies not available through other retirement plans. Do you have any ministers on staff at your church or organization? You should keep reading!

Servant Solutions is a nonprofit endorsed agency of the Church of God (Anderson, IN). Are you clergy, a missionary, a self-employed minister, or a lay worker (teacher, administrative assistant, etc.) who is receiving compensation? Is your employer a Church of God congregation, agency, organization, or institution? Then you are eligible to participate in the Servant Solutions Retirement Plan.

If your employer is not affiliated with the Church of God, you might still be eligible to participate. How? If your employer shares common religious bonds and convictions with the Church of God and is not affiliated with another denomination, contact us! We would love to serve you, too.

A Great Retirement Plan Option for Pastors, Church Staff, and Ministries

Why should you save your retirement dollars with Servant Solutions? Great question! Here are the top four answers:

  • Ministers receiving retirement income from the Servant Solutions Retirement Plan are not taxed on the portion designated to be their housing allowance. That is a huge benefit! Ministers can contribute to the Plan with pretax dollars, and then they can receive distributions in retirement without paying tax, too. The dollars go in and come out tax free!

  • We provide exceptional value to our members at a very low cost. For more information on our low fees, check out our investment costs.

  • Our investment lineup is diversified. It offers investment solutions for both novice and sophisticated investors.

  • Finally, we support our members by answering their questions quickly and personally. In addition, we provide free financial planning guidance to all our members.

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