Market Commentary February 2018

We all have been somewhat spoiled by the smooth upward rise of the market for the last several years, but now that “roller coaster” feeling of the stock market is back.  So far, February has been an eventful month for the stock market, dropping nearly 8% from recent highs. Although investors experienced an unusually calm and positive ride in 2017, volatility is back.  Although this was expected, volatility is still elevated to levels we haven’t seen in a few years. During these times, we believe some investors are prone to abandoning their strategy. However, we believe it is prudent to be positioned in an investment strategy that is appropriately designed to meet your financial goals in the time frame you’ve established. You do not need to be alarmed in the face of volatility.  It is a normal part of the ebbs and flows of the market, and we should come to expect it as we position ourselves as long-term retirement investors that expect our nest eggs to last “to and through” retirement.

For your review, click here for a commentary by the Investment Strategy Group of our partner, Ronald Blue Trust.  It addresses the recent market movements and keeping your investments in perspective through the coming days.