If You Could See your Future…. 

If you had the ability to look out ten, twenty or thirty years to that time when you are in your retirement years, what would you want them to look like?

Clarence, George Bailey’s guardian angel in the classic film It’s a wonderful life says to him in the middle of his tumult, “George you have been given a wonderful gift…”  He was referring to the opportunity that George was granted to see what the world would be like without him and his influence.

Well, none of us can see our future, but we can certainly make some moves to assure that our future will turn out more like what we envision it to look like.  This is where planning and preparing come in.  Without adequate resources, your future options and influence are limited.  Without good decision making you may not be able to choose the direction you feel most perfectly aligns with God’s call on your life.

Here’s what you can do today to get a glimpse of a secure financial future that includes flexibility:

  • Find and engage a trusted advisor. We all benefit from having someone with expertise who can objectively evaluate our planning

  • Zero in the things you can control like: 1) spend less than you earn, 2) avoid debt and save toward goals, 2) and have a written plan.

  • Use good retirement saving strategies like the 1% rule which suggests that you increase your retirement savings by 1% of your income each year. This is especially doable if you dedicate 1% of a raise toward retirement savings, which you won’t miss much.

Whether retirement is a long way down the road or just around the corner, it’s important to find out if you’re on track.  Contact us today to begin a conversation about how we can help you in your planning process.