Resources for Non-Ministers

Below you will find various education resources: booklets, calculators, videos and website links. They are organized for non-ministers as retirement resources, tax resources and resources for personal finance.

Retirement Resources

  1. Retirement Planning Booklet An eight page booklet designed to help you with your retirement goals. It contains the “Saving for Retirement Worksheet” and “Retirement Countdown Checklist”. 

  2. Retirement Decisions A booklet with information about selecting distribution options.

  3. Looking to the Future Retirement education and planning booklet for the Servant Solutions Retirement Plan.

  4. Saving for Retirement Worksheet A worksheet for estimating your annual retirement income from the retirement plan, Social Security, and personal savings. 

  5. Retirement Wellness Planner An excellent online calculator and planning tool available through our bookkeeper, Principal.

  6. How Important is Social Security? Open Calculator

  7. Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA Open Calculator

  8. Investment Savings & Distributions Open Calculator

  9. Early Investment Benefits Watch Video

  10. Finishing Well…Continuing to make a difference A book about walking with pastors during their transition from ministry to retirement and beyond.

Tax Resources

  1. Saver’s Tax Credit

  2. Tax Filing Information Informational sheet explaining how to report retirement income you received from Servant Solutions.

Personal Finance

  1. Live Free – Seven Steps to Financial Freedom A seven step workbook for the devoted follower of Christ. Suitable for group use.

  2. Milestones This site provides a package of planning documents at no additional cost to members of the Servant Solutions Retirement Plan.

  3. Enrich Tools to help you make money decisions today while preparing for tomorrow.

  4. Snowball Debt Elimination Calculator Open Calculator

  5. Mortgage Loan Calculator Open Calculator

  6. Investment Savings & Distributions Calculator Open Calculator