Investment Options

Our Retirement Plan provides quality investment choices. We believe strongly that carefully diversified investments and consistent saving habits are key ingredients to building adequate assets for retirement. We offer a flexible investment line up to meet your investment needs and goals for retirement. Our menu below offers a “We Do the Driving” option (LifeFund Age-Based Portfolios), a “You Do the Driving” option (Mutual Funds) and finally, a “Parking Lot” option (Principal Fixed Income Option).

Regardless of your investment selection(s), all of our funds are reviewed each quarter by an independent consulting firm for performance and value. Therefore, you know your account is receiving the attention it deserves!

If you need help or guidance in your investment selection, please call our office and we will be glad to help.

LifeFund Age-Based Portfolios

Our most popular investment option is the LifeFund Age-Based Portfolios (better known in the market as “Target Date Funds”).  LifeFunds are a better option for those participants looking for a “do it for me” approach. The LifeFunds have an asset allocation solution that adjusts over the participant’s lifespan…which we call a glide path…and is perfect for busy participants who want to take a hands-off approach. 

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LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio:  1975 +
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio:  1970 – 1974
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio:  1965 – 1969
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio:  1960 – 1964
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio:  1955 – 1959
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio:  1950 – 1954
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio:  1945 – 1949
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio:  1940 – 1944
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio:  Heritage (before 1940)

Mutual Fund Options

For participants who want to create their own allocation and “do it themselves,” we offer a diversified mix of mutual funds that address a majority of asset classes and categories. All of our funds are chosen by our Board of Trustees’ Investment Committee, with much input and professional guidance from Ronald Blue Trust, our investment advisory firm. Ronald Blue Trust is a national leader in financial planning and investment advisory services. The organization also brings the important element of a Christian worldview into its investment strategy.  

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Principal Fixed Income Option

Finally, for participants who want to minimize volatility, we offer a stated-rate-of-return fund. This option offers very low market risk by guaranteeing a set rate of return.