Servant Solutions provides a comprehensive retirement plan for ministers, missionaries, and lay-workers serving the Church of God.  The mission of Servant Solutions is to “Improve Financial Security for Servants of the Church of God”. 

In fulfilling its mission Servant Solutions provides a number of services, including retirement planning assistance, financial planning guidance, financial education publications, best practices assistance to congregations along with compensation planning and tax information.  This website is constructed with helpful tools and information for individuals serving the church as well as assistance to congregations.

Servant Solutions is governed by a trustee board of ten members, which meets periodically throughout the year to guide the policies and direction of the work.  Servant Solutions has three active committees which carry out important functions throughout the year.  The Executive Committee provides guidance and direction to the staff, submits an annual budget to the board and provides strategic direction for the organization.  The Audit Committee recommends the engagement of an auditing firm annually and oversees the accounting and audit functions of Servant Solutions.  The Investment Committee evaluates the investments selected by the Board of Trustees and meets periodically with Servant Solutions’ investment advisors.

You can learn more about Servant Solutions’ services by looking around this website or by calling us toll-free at (800) 844-8983.