[divider style="single" border="small" color="#333333"]“Improving Financial Security for Servants of the Church”[divider style="single" border="small" color="#333333"]

With unanimity of purpose and direction, the trustees determined that all Servant Solutions does must rise and fall on such a statement.  Our work and actions must be continually measured against this mission.  We must constantly ask ourselves–about everything we do–Is what we are doing, as a support ministry of the Church of God, helping to improve the financial security of our people?

It is easy for the trustees and staff to be passionate about our mission.  When we pause to ponder the people we serve, we see a commitment and purpose in them that propels us to give our very best in our work.  The men and women and their families who answer the call to service in the life of the Church of God make a commitment that requires sacrifice.  The overarching goal they have of sharing the gospel to all peoples is what the Church of God is all about.  We truly believe that our job, as charged by the General Assembly, is to support Church of God ministry personnel in ways that reduce or remove financial impediments.  When the church is faithful in caring for its workers, they are freed to focus more fully on what God has called them to do in their work.

Our prayer is that God will grant continued wisdom and blessing on the pastors and lay leaders selected to guide Servant Solutions over the next fifty years.  The prayer of the staff is that we will be ever faithful to the mission and purpose we are privileged to carry.