Wayne Bollenbacher

Director of Member Relations,
Western Region

Wayne Bollenbacher accepted the position of Director of Member Relations for the western region of the U.S. in January 2017.  He is also a part-time employee of Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City, OK where he serves as the director of the church’s new endowment program.

Wayne served on the Servant Solutions Board of Trustees for a total of 11 years.  As a result, he is well aware of the mission and goal of Servant Solutions to “serve those who serve” in their retirement planning.  With most of his 40+ year career having been in church and non-profit administrative and financial roles, he is well equipped to be a resource for pastors and churches in various aspects of financial planning and execution as well.

Wayne resides in Edmond, OK with his wife Linda, who is retired.  His favorite hobby is honing his golf game as he moves closer to his own retirement.  He and Linda are active members of Crossings Community Church where they have attended since 1992.