Treasurer's Toolbox

This Treasurer's Toolbox Series is provided to assist treasurers navigate common concerns as they fulfill their duties. Additional information can be obtained on these and other subjects by calling Servant Solutions at (800) 844-8983 or (765) 642-3880.  Each of these articles can be printed.  You will need Adobe Reader to view or print.

Housing for Your Pastor: Parsonage or Housing Allowance?

Church Employees or Independent Contractors?

Tax and Reporting Procedures for Congregations

Strategies for Structuring Ministerial Compensation

Minimizing Income Taxes for Church Employees

Worker’s Compensation Laws and the Local Church

Can Ministers Opt Out of Social Security?

Auto and Other Business Expense Reimbursements

Who is a Minister for Tax Purposes?

The Minister’s Housing Allowance

Financial Audit Preparation

The Annual Church Audit

The 1099-MISC: The Misunderstood and Often Overlooked Form


Healthcare Resources and Considerations for Churches

If you have other topics that you would like addressed, please feel free to contact us.

Disclaimer: The Toolbox series is presented as assistance to pastors, lay-leaders and Boards and is not intended as specific tax or legal advice.  Boards and leaders should contact their local accounting and legal advisers for specific assistance.