Plan Information

To ensure employees have access to an IRS-approved retirement plan to have enough funds set aside for their retirement years, the Church of God established the Servant Solutions Retirement Plan (the “Plan”) for all ministers, missionaries and lay employees of the Church of God in 1949. The Plan has been expanded to permit adoption by other eligible churches and church-related organizations that share common religious bonds and convictions with the Church of God and are approved by Servant Solutions. This Plan allows an Eligible Employer to set funds aside for your retirement.  In addition, it enables you to set aside a portion of your earnings in a tax-advantaged manner during your working years.

The Plan is a church retirement income account program described in section 403(b)(9) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Internal Revenue Code permits denominations and churches to set up retirement plans designed to save considerable tax dollars now and in the future. The Plan takes full advantage of these tax savings, while at the same time providing you with investment vehicles through which your money can grow.