After 26 years of service, Jeff Jenness, the President of Servant Solutions, recently shared his plan to retire in the latter part of 2019. Selection of the new President is targeted for late spring of 2019, with employment beginning in late summer 2019 after ratification by the General Assembly at the June Convention of the Church of God.

President’s Job Description

Since 1949, Servant Solutions has provided a retirement plan and financial education for ministers, para-church workers, missionaries, lay workers, and Christian higher education faculty and staff. The President will serve as a high-capacity, collaborative leader propelling the ministry of Servant Solutions forward in its mission to Improve Financial Security for Servants of the Church. The President will be selected by and report to the Board of Trustees.

Fiscal Leadership

  • Assure that staffing reflects the spiritual maturity and financial acumen necessary to carry out all financial functions with accuracy and integrity.

  • Work closely with the Chief Financial and Operating Officer (CFOO) to ensure all financial tasks are accomplished through appropriate internal accounting functions.

  • Collaborate with the CFOO to prepare and present a comprehensive and accurate budget to the Board of Trustees for evaluation and approval annually.

  • Oversee and ensure that an annual audit is conducted by an external accounting firm.

  • Evaluate and maintain all insurance policies usual and customary to protect the ongoing functions of Servant Solutions.

  • Carry out the duties assigned in the Investment Policy Statement as directed by the Board of Trustees.

  • Ensure that the ministry’s overarching strategies are consistently evaluated in light of market and economic conditions, and seek wise counsel to make informed adjustments in investments and organizational practices when needed to ensure viability and perpetuity of Servant Solutions’ mission.

Ministry Leadership

  • Live an exemplary life for Servant Solutions’ staff members and for the church as found in I Timothy, Chapter 3.

  • Set the spiritual tone and professional pace that enables staff members to thrive and grow in Christ.

  • Supervise and evaluate all program elements to assure that they meet the ministry mission of Servant Solutions.

  • Speak on behalf of Servant Solutions to the broader church and advocate for the essential programs that Servant Solutions provides to ministry personnel and their families.

Communication LeadershiP

  • Serve as key spokesperson in promoting the work and ministry of Servant Solutions to current and prospective employers and members.

  • Monitor and approve the speaking and travel schedule for all direct reports, including the Executive Vice President, Director of Member Relations-Eastern Region, and Director of Member Relations-Western Region.

  • Work in tandem with Church of God Ministries, endorsed and affiliated agencies of the Church of God, and other key entities.

  • Work closely with the Executive Vice President to monitor and oversee public relations and marketing efforts.

Administrative and Legal Leadership

  • Collaborate with the Board of Trustees to carry out board-driven directives and strategic initiatives.

  • Consult with the Chair of the Board to set the agenda for each board meeting.

  • Collaborate with key staff to deliver necessary information to the Board of Trustees and its related committees (Executive, Investment, Audit, etc.) enabling them to accomplish their work.

  • Work closely with legal counsel and fiduciary agents to assure strong legal and fiscal operations.

  • Perform and oversee annual performance reviews of all staff and undergo an annual performance review from the Board of Trustees.

  • Prepare for and lead bi-weekly staff meetings that cultivate a unified internal culture and allow for dialogue that stimulates efficiency, accuracy, and an ability to deliver services to members with excellence.

Preferred Qualities of the President

Education/Work History

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Completion of post-graduate work in Finance and/or CFP designation

  • Significant experience in the financial industry and working with investment consultants

  • Investment Policy knowledge


  • Vibrant Christian life and healthy Biblical lifestyle

  • Love for Christ and His church

  • Ability to live out and model balance in family and work

  • Family support of the ministry and travel responsibilities

  • Emotional and spiritual health


  • Ability to convey simple and complex financial concepts to audiences with both extensive and limited financial knowledge

  • Exceptional communication skills that inspire people to good financial habits

  • Ability to cultivate and cast vision

  • Connectivity with the church, members, and business partners


  • Administrative acumen

  • High financial leadership skills

  • Adept at marketing and comfortable and effective with various marketing media

Additional Helpful Information

Next Steps

After careful review of the above information, please email the following three documents to the Search Committee to express your interest in being considered for the President position at Servant Solutions:

  1. Resume (including a cover letter detailing your financial experience and your church/ministry experience)

  2. Statement of Faith (including your personal history and affiliation with the Church of God)

  3. Briefly answer the following questions

    • Why do you feel called and directed to apply for this position?

    • What are two or three of your core strengths? Please share two or three examples of situations in which you utilized your core strengths to move forward the group or organization you were leading.

    • What are two or three of your growth areas?  Please share two or three examples of situations in which you learned valuable leadership lessons in the midst of challenge or even failure.

You will receive an email response acknowledging receipt by the Search Committee once all your documents are submitted.

All documents must be received by February 28, 2019.