Financial Education

Servant Solutions provides three levels of financial planning to help you secure your financial future. Discover which one is right for you and contact us today to get started. The Servant Solutions Financial Education options are provided at no cost to you as a member.


Servant Solutions has access to dozens of do-it-yourself, free, resources to help answer your questions about your finances. From worksheets to online tools, we have a resource that will fit you and your unique situation. Visit the Learning Center and choose which family of resources applies to your situation.


Servant Solutions has a team of financial professionals who are dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals. Whether it is debt management, savings, or budgeting, we can help you put a plan together so you can achieve the goals that matter to you. 

In-Depth Planning:

For our members with more complex financial situations, we offer in-depth planning with one of our on-staff financial planning professionals. If you are interested in digging deep into your finances, you can contact either of our financial professionals. 


Contact Bob Haymond today:


With over 17 years of experience in managing retirement plans, Bob brings vast knowledge and personal expertise to the table with a passion for helping participants understand the unique financial/tax aspects and the importance of having enough in retirement. Bob is a Certified Financial Planner, who has spent most of his career working in a non-profit organization.

Overture: A Financial and Retirement Planning Session

Overture is a 24 hour experience planned and provided especially for you by your partners at Servant Solutions. We're excited about this new program designed primarily for those members over age 50 that wish to focus on their financial readiness in a retreat format.  This experience is designed to give you (and your spouse) a time of rest, reflection and preparation as you look to the future in your financial life and retirement planning. Our goal is to provide you with a process to fine tune your retirement planning in a relaxed atmosphere.   Here is what is included:

  • Travel voucher as partial offset for your trip to the Servant Solutions office

  • Relaxing dinner and free evening when you arrive (several evening activities can be suggested by Servant Solutions if desired, or just rest!)

  • Overnight lodging at the Hampton Inn

  • A private financial planning session with a Servant Solutions representative in the morning

  • Lunch with Servant Solutions staff members

  • Homeward bound in the early afternoon

Overture experiences are hosted primarily in Anderson, IN, but also can be offered in Oklahoma City, OK and Atlanta, GA if more convenient. Special accommodations can also be made in instances where travel to our office is not feasible. In those cases, the elements of the Overture program are provided with the planning sessions conducted via video conference.

Openings are limited, so contact Jeff Jenness today via email or phone (800) 844-8983 to secure your reservation!